Rx Ruby Red Grapefruit Sorbet

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

It started with a tickle.

One bloodshot eye. Two. Pressure behind the bridge of the nose. Voice wavering between a scratchy lower octave and a breathy Marilyn Monroe-ish pitch.

The inevitable finally happened. After everything The Old North State has thrown at me in the past half-dozen years — hurricanes and tropical storms, dogged heat and humidity, countless bites from (insert insect type here), total annihilation of my crops in a curious array of manners — I succumbed. Southern. Allergies.

Humans, like other animals, have two hardwired coping mechanisms to adverse situations: evolve, or adjust behavior. Evolution miiiight take a while, so it’s prescription food to the rescue.

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From the Author

You guys, I have the best update: After a two-month holiday, our osprey couple reclaimed their tree and have begun the process of building a new nest!

“Best” might mean something else to you, but this development gives me hope. Hope that the birds and wildlife who make their homes in our gradually diminishing coastal wetlands will continue to thrive for many years, and hope for any one of us who might need the reminder that there is always hope, no matter how many skies have fallen.

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From the Author

It’s officially spring! Cue the Vivaldi. Or Grieg, if you prefer.

I’m dreaming of recreating + improving this lemon meringue pie aquafaba ice cream. It was as dreamy and lemony and cloud-like as it looks, and could potentially dethrone my reigning signature spring dessert. A project for one weekend soon.

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Smoky Ethiopian Lentils

Eat Well

When the temperatures are low and the winds are biting I crave all things warm and exotic from the kitchen. Consistently better weather, minus spring tornado season, is just moments away, but while we wait, bring on the spicy complexity of North African and Middle Eastern flavors and foods.

Smoked paprika and Ethiopian berbere — a mix of spices that includes dried red chiles de árbol and a slew of aromatics — steal the show here, with red onion, garlic, spicy fresh ginger and rich sun-dried tomatoes rounding out the earthy black lentils. A splash of balsamic vinegar swirled in at the end as a subtle but bright touch bringing everything together.

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