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All is quiet here this weekend. Somehow fitting as we wade through a hazy hot spell. The humid air hangs like the thirsty leaves of my garden plants. Even the industrious dragonflies and bumblebees are taking long breaks, no place better to go and no desire to go there without a breeze to help them along.

Aside from a gully washer that wreaked havoc in the raised bed mid last week, precipitation is a foreign concept. Crisp is how I would describe the state of our vegetation. Though, as things go in these parts, it’s guaranteed that Mother Nature will soon counter with more rain than we can handle. It’s a maddening summer cycle I’ll never be able to fully stomach. At least my garden has a rain barrel savior. For now.

Moroccan mahi tacos + beet carrot salad

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Composed Thai Steak Salad

Eat Well Edibles Grow Well Recipe

Happy summer, Friends!

When things heat up, we’re suckers for garden-driven recipes. Bonus points for those that don’t require cooking.

This gorgeous little number is refreshingly vibrant, with flavor notes pulled from the Thai cuisine playbook: sour lime, spicy chillies and ginger, salty fish sauce, and a hint of sweet maple. I just love how light, lovely and low-key it is — literally whisk, slice, plate, and voila.

Beef summer salad

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Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us we see the past, present and future.”

– Gail Lumet Buckley

Stumbled onto this quote the other day, perfectly timed for Father’s Day tomorrow. The youngest daughter, I was a true daddy’s girl, and will be lucky if my future is a reflection* of my dad. You really are the best, and I love you lots!

(*Mom, sister, grandma, other family, too, of course.)

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Smoked Salmon Kedgeree with Spinach, Green Peas and Leek

Eat Well Edibles Recipe

Paella, risotto, biryani, bibimbap, fried rice, arroz con pollo. The world over, fluffy grains of rice shine in familiar classics — from Spain to Japan and nearly every culture between.

A product of the British occupation of India, kedgeree takes its origin from a simple rice and lentil dish called khichari. The Anglo-Indian colonials, apparently fond of rice dishes with lots of garnishes, often served small plates of cold cooked fish, onion, and hard-boiled eggs alongside more mildly spiced versions of khichari in their homes. Eventually everything merged into one bowl, the smoked fish and/or egg replacing lentils, and kedgeree was born.

Kedgeree with salmon

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It’s a game of catch-up with the garden after being out of town. Nature does not wait.

The seedling transplants are thriving in their new homes; mixed bulb onions and carrots get taller just looking at them; more herbs and greens than we know what to do with; seeds of okra and squash sprouted in the garden; beet seeds in a pot are about ready to enjoy (fourth year’s the charm); and the berry plants are winding down, while the fig tree has baby green figlets I’m dying to eat once ripe.

Do you remember the Weekly Suppers posts? It’s been a while. The series petered out once our schedules picked up and, more importantly, allowed infinitely more family time. Better that togetherness than extra time on the computer writing another post, right? I hope you can understand. Still, I feel awful, and will try to include a snap and thoughts on at least one meal from the prior week in my Weekend Post. Starting today!

Tartine + salad + rose

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