Heather Goesch is a registered dietitian based in southeastern North Carolina, specializing in maternal and general women’s nutrition and wellness. Her holistic approach focuses on wellness of the entire person, incorporating healthy practices into every aspect of life.

Combining years of experience with passions for great food and positive living, she is committed to helping you eat well and be well on your path to optimum health.

“I believe that when you live a life you love, it will love you back!”

My philosophy is relish the present, nourish the future: A healthy, positive lifestyle balanced with a nutritious, delicious diet enables you to thrive in your daily life, and sets you on the path to long-lasting wellness.

I personally strive to live healthfully and mindfully, and am eager to guide others toward this fulfilling way of life.

Taking charge of your health and wellness is one of the best investments you can make — for yourself and for those you love. Believe you are worth feeling and being your best. I absolutely look forward to supporting you.

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